Strategic Planning & Public Policy Support

Careful and deliberate strategic planning will help you and your organization set the mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities, and timelines necessary to achieve desired outcomes. With a strategic plan in place, program and policy support will help achieve your goals.


Our Approach

Council Oak can help you:

 Implement strategic planning processes, articulate meaningful vision and mission statements, and link your long-range direction with practical action plans.

 Achieve your desired outcomes by supporting your program on a variety of levels. The Council Oak has extensive experience during the initial stages of a program: supporting legislative and rulemaking initiatives, researching legislative histories, and developing policy and guidance.

 Develop and conduct training to carry out strategic objectives, promote culture change, design performance measures and accountability systems and analyze effectiveness of program delivery.

 Navigate through any hazards along the way. We will assist you in collaborative multiparty facilitation or negotiations to narrow the issues at hand and ultimately either resolve the conflict or develop a consensus process that leads to future resolution. We provide a one-stop service by arranging for meeting space, preparing agendas and meeting materials, facilitation, note taking, and preliminary and final report writing.


What does Council Oak mean? Whether it be a quaint town square in New England or a rural village in Africa, a large tree in the center of town has long been an area of community focus –  a place where people gather to hear the news of the day, discuss important issues and make critical decisions. While our work is more virtual these days, “Council Oak” is an idea that guides our connectedness with our clients, reflects excellence in public process and reminds us of our mutually-beneficial relationship as colleagues. Besides, we just like trees!