Council Oak employees are passionate about practical solutions that work to make our earth more sustainable and just. Below are three organizations we support that are doing just that.



Rooftop Roots is working to grow a more just, equitable, and sustainable future by transforming the way we engage with urban and suburban landscapes.  They build and maintain environmentally beneficial gardens for residential, commercial, and community clients, advancing their mission to grow food, jobs, and green spaces for all.

Nature Generation


Nature Generation inspires the next generation to carry the mantle forward. They enrich their experience with nature and outdoor projects so that as they become adults they will think about and care about the footprint they and their family and business make.



The type of collaborative work Council Oak does requires face-to-face problem solving and community meetings. This requires travel and travel, especially air travel, burns fossil fuels. In 2019 we purchased carbon credits to offset 20 tons of carbon generated through our travel. We plan to do this every year in the future and are also looking for more sophisticated ways to engage our clients and stakeholders remotely with an eye toward reducing overall miles in the air.