Program Evaluation & Assessment

Program evaluation is a cornerstone to effective program execution and evolution. It enables managers to assess whether and how a program is fulfilling its intended purpose, and why it is succeeding or falling short of its goals. It can help identify the intended and unintended consequences of program initiatives and foster smart innovation and program evolution. Effective program evaluation is forward looking. It does not aim to label whether a program is a success or failure, but rather teases out important lessons and provides the knowledge needed to optimize future program design and resource allocation.


Our Approach

Council Oak can help you:

 Get the process off to a proper start by planning the scope of the evaluation, including a specific set of study questions. This advanced planning ensures that we understand the intent of our client, the context of the evaluation, and the audiences for the final report.

 Design the study and collect the right data. We employ multiple data gathering methods in our evaluations and often combine elements of both quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods to ensure rich, robust – and useful – data.

 Analyze findings, based on a systematic, objective review of data collected from records review, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and other data sources.

 Develop actionable recommendations or program improvements based upon evaluation results.

 Measure whether existing activities are achieving desired outcomes and develop new performance measures to reflect program goals.

 Turn recommendations into results. We assist you in incorporating recommendations and performance measures into your program by engaging in carefully structured, facilitated processes that identify strategies and tactics for effective program modification.



What does Council Oak mean? Whether it be a quaint town square in New England or a rural village in Africa, a large tree in the center of town has long been an area of community focus –  a place where people gather to hear the news of the day, discuss important issues and make critical decisions. While our work is more virtual these days, “Council Oak” is an idea that guides our connectedness with our clients, reflects excellence in public process and reminds us of our mutually-beneficial relationship as colleagues. Besides, we just like trees!