The Council Oak is a small, woman-owned public policy consulting firm focusing on natural resources, environmental, and infrastructure topics.

We are dedicated to assisting all our clients in understanding and resolving public policy issues and conflicts, using scientifically-informed decisions, clear communication, meaningful stakeholder engagement, and governance designed to efficiently and effectively administer programs.

The Council Oak staff includes expert neutral facilitators and collaboration specialists, public policy analysts, communications professionals, and program evaluators with significant depth and breadth of experience.


Our practice areas include:

Collaboration & Dispute Resolution

Program Evaluation & Assessment

Communications & Public Involvement

Strategic Planning & Public Policy Support


What does Council Oak mean? Whether it be a quaint town square in New England or a rural village in Africa, a large tree in the center of town has long been an area of community focus –  a place where people gather to hear the news of the day, discuss important issues and make critical decisions. While our work is more virtual these days, “Council Oak” is an idea that guides our connectedness with our clients, reflects excellence in public process and reminds us of our mutually-beneficial relationship as colleagues. Besides, we just like trees!