Council Oak is a small, woman-owned public policy consulting firm focusing on natural resources, environmental, and infrastructure topics.

We are dedicated to assisting all our clients in understanding and resolving public policy issues and conflicts, using scientifically-informed decisions, clear communication, meaningful stakeholder engagement, and governance designed to efficiently and effectively administer programs.

Council Oak staff includes expert neutral facilitators and collaboration specialists, public policy analysts, communications professionals, and program evaluators with significant depth and breadth of experience.

Our Approach

Council Oak was founded on the belief that excellence in public policy making and implementation requires the combination of:

 Creating a foundation of relevant and timely science and technical information to support options development and prioritization.

 Soliciting meaningful stakeholder input to help develop win-win options, prioritize actions, and gain supporters.

  Providing clear, timely expression of policy options, their rationale and implementation responsibilities to ensure the public understands tradeoffs and obligations.

 Implementing steps that are logical and well-communicated to ensure cost-efficiency and technical effectiveness.

We feel that all these factors, when done well and in concert, result in a long-term positive relationship with the public – one that generates trust, places decisions in context, and provides for joint problem solving in a dynamic world.


What does Council Oak mean? Whether it be a quaint town square in New England or a rural village in Africa, a large tree in the center of town has long been an area of community focus –  a place where people gather to hear the news of the day, discuss important issues and make critical decisions. While our work is more virtual these days, “Council Oak” is an idea that guides our connectedness with our clients, reflects excellence in public process and reminds us of our mutually-beneficial relationship as colleagues. Besides, we just like trees!

In celebration of our 10th year anniversary and in honor of all our clients that made us possible, we planted 100 trees in our National Parks through the National Arbor Day Foundation.